Salem OR

Salem, OR

In 2014, Bahadur Singh was honored with a membership on the International Council of Salem, Oregon.

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What is the purpose of the Council?

The Mayor of Salem, Anna M. Peterson, spoke about the diversity of the city upon the council’s initiation.  She said, “Salem is an international city. We are honored to live and work near, and with, individuals from so many diverse cultures and communities.”  This is a very exciting establishment for the city in order to come together and converse about critical global topics that affect a small community that Bahadur Singh is happy to contribute to.  Ms. Peterson stated, “We are looking forward to the platform for enriching discussion we believe this Council will provide.”

Salem, the capital Oregon with a population of just over 160,600 people, is a member of the global community. By valuing their citizens, the council promotes better understanding of cultural awareness for the enrichment of the community. With people from so many different sectors on the council, these discussions contribute to the development of international businesses. Together, people can acknowledge the value of diversity and increase educational efforts

There are 14 members in all.  With members ranging from the NAACP President, the Latino Business Alliance President, and indigenous peoples representatives, the Council emphasizes cultural awareness and international relations.  Bahadur Singh is honored to be part of this fantastic selection of leaders. The group hopes to coordinate efforts with the Salem Multicultural Institute.

The Inaugural meeting was held January 7th, 2014 at the Broadway Commons. Bahadur looks forward to the future of this group.