“Recognize all of the human race as one.” – Guru Gobind Singh Ji

When we experience traumatic events from natural disasters and warfare, we all feel the effects together.

Khalsa Aid began in 1999 as a response from a community of Sikhs in the UK to the refugees fleeing the bloody war in Albania. Ravinder Singh Sidhu and his associates were gathering at meetings, deliberating over how to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Khalsa. He believed that the whole world should be involved in marking this momentous occasion in the Sikh history, not just the Sangat (Sikh Community).

While celebrating, Ravinder Singh Sidhu kept thinking about how there was such an abundance of food at the Khalsa festivities, but only a few thousand miles away desperate refugees were fighting over bread.

So, that’s how Khalsa Aid began. Within two weeks, the Sangat donated two trucks and a van full of food and supplies and made their way to Albania with volunteers.

Since 1999 Khalsa Aid has provided relief to many people suffering from tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, and civil wars with a dedicated volunteer service.

Their work stems from the teaching of Sikh Gurus preaching the well-being of all humanity.  One obstacle they find in their relief work is corruption, particularly in the developing world, so Khalsa Aid is careful to never give cash and only work with local suppliers.

In the past, Khalsa Aid has worked to provide relief to Sikh and Hindu refugees at Panja Sahib Gurdwara, Pakistan in 2009.  Volunteers brought basic supplies, such as toiletries. Donors even provided necessities like wheelchairs for handicapped refugees.  In Indonesia in 2006, a life-shattering earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Java in the early morning. The relief team sent by Khalsa Aid was led by Parmjeet Kaur. She ran art therapy sessions for young children in their time of recovery.

Khalsa Aid is an international non-profit aid and relief organization. While it is registered in the UK as a charity, they also have volunteers in North America & Asia. If you believe in the principles of selfless service and universal love, they are always looking for volunteers.  Stay updated on their relief efforts and email Khalsa Aid for volunteer opportunities on their website.