Bahadur Singh walking for charity

Walking for a cause is not a new technique in the philanthropy world.  Have you heard of Relay for Life, the annual overnight walk for cancer, organized in communities throughout the country?  Or perhaps you’re familiar with New York City’s annual Breast Cancer walk? Out of all the ways to get a community actively involved in fundraising for charities and engaging in conversation about positive change, people love to walk.

So in the United States, we have 5k runs and marathons.  In India, 80-year old Londoner and Sikh Balwant Singh Grewal has vouched to singlehandedly walk across the country to support various causes. He has completed this once before with great success.

Bawant, known as Bobby, is 80 years old. But his age isn’t enough to dissuade him from this grand expedition.

His walk is called Bobby’s Walk Full Circle 2015 and he intends to cover 4,160 km on foot to raise 1.5 million pounds (Just under US $2,240,00) for various charities in India. 

So far, Bawant has accumulated lots of attention and donations from charities.  For his previous walk, the Indian Association donated 80,000 pounds to St Marks Hospital (Harrow) to fund research of Bowel Cancer.  In 2007, the Association gave 50,000 pounds towards Cancer Research and 45,000 pounds toward  HIV research.  Beyond cancer research charities, 2,000 pounds were given to Earthquake Relief in Gujarat and House building in Bhuj in 2005.

Bobby plans to complete his walk in April of 2016.  He is assisted by one vehicle and four team members with the hopes of covering at least 20 miles a day. During this walk, 400 to 500 patients will be screened daily by a four-day Mobile Cancer Screening camp from February onward. Bobby will even celebrate his 81st birthday during the walk.  Proof that goodwill adds day to your life!


You can follow Bobby’s trail and even donate online, on the campaign’s website.